1. Describe the ways in which team contribution to innovation and creative problem solving and improvement processes can be maximised?
Improve self-awareness and understand the attitude and behavior of all team members.

Understand the collective incentive needs and the unique needs of each individual.

Build trust and encourage a safe and open environment to share ideas.

Listen and encourage the team to listen to everyone’s contribution.

Appreciate that the debate is healthy, but that conflicts need to be managed.

Provide appropriate feedback.

Help everyone learn from mistakes and successes.

Assess the effectiveness of objections.

2. Explain the procedures that might be followed to ensure that team members work together and understand their roles and responsibilities?
planset rulesallocate tasksencourage innovationconsultationproblem solving
3. How can team leaders support and guide colleagues with regard to involvement in innovative and creative problem solving?
Encourage systems thinking.

Identify and eliminate problems in team work, create a creative atmosphere, let employees understand their value and valuable value, and provide them with learning opportunities.

4. How is it possible to monitor the work of teams and to reflect on how well teams are working?
Ask Your Employees How Well They’re Going.

Listening to feedback (Internal/External)5. How would you organise and set up an effective group?
6. Reflect on the last time you were in a team. Identify how you:
a. De-briefed and reflected on activities and on opportunities for improvement and innovation
b. Gathered and used feedback from within and outside the team to generate discussion and debate
c. Discussed the challenges of being innovative in a constructive and open way
d. Took ideas for improvement, built them into future activities and communicated key issues to relevant colleagues e. Identified, promoted and celebrated successes and examples of successful innovation
7. Would you give feedback to team members who made suggestions that were not feasible or could not be used? How? Why?
8. Recently the production levels of your work group or team appear to have decreased. You need to increase the quality and quantity of outputs.
a. Describe the procedures you could use to solve this problem.
b. Consider the various approaches you could take and the ways in which you can generate the most innovative problem solutions. Explain the strategies you might use and give reasons for using these methods.
c. Identify how you can support and guide your colleagues to increase output.