1.1 explain what reflective practice is,
reflective practice is exploring why and how you practice, thinking back over a situation or activity e.g. thinking on how you managed the situation how with what you have learnt how u would do things differently, see things differently developing a different approach.

1.2 explain the importance of reflective practice
reflecting on your practice is important as it allows you to identify area you need to improve on i.e. communication course. You may ask to go on this course as you find it difficult to understand what is being communicated this would benefit yourself ,service user and also ensure your meeting care standard and expectations within social work.

1.3 explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care
codes of practice different regulations and essential standards are in place to inform us of what is good practice, informs us of our own learning and enables professional development.

1.4 describe how own values beliefs systems and experiences may affect working practice
it is true that person’s own beliefs and experiences could affect working practice or affect my role a healthcare worker. However, as a professional health care worker, it is part