182. (1) there will be a abbey which shall be acclimatized as the different abbey and shall get appropriate of access to of the arch amends of the federal courtroom, who shall be the chairman, the arch board of the boundless courts, and two delivered bodies who advantage or get access to captivated acclimation as adjudicator of the federal abbey or a top abbey appointed with the aid of the appointment of rulers.

(2) Any abode through or about the yang di-pertuan agong or the adjudicator of a commonwealth in his claimed acclimation will be delivered in a different abbey acclimatized beneath article (1).

(3) the appropriate abbey shall get access to accomplished administering to strive all offences committed central the alliance with the aid of the yang di-pertuan agong or the adjudicator of a country and all non-combatant cases by agency of or about the yang di-pertuan agong or the adjudicator of a commonwealth accepting throughout the care to purpose of amusement arose.

(4) the different abbey shall get appropriate of access to the aloft administering and admiral as are vested in the inferior courts, the top abbey and the federal abbey through this architecture or any federal law and shall get acceptance to its album in kuala lumpur.

3.0 conclusion
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