Odysseus And His Cunning

Odysseus was a great Greek hero. He displayed all the characteristics of a hero, and he displayed them to their fullest. Through the Odyssey, Odysseus showed his strength, his courage, and his leadership abilities. Though the most important traits that he showed were his intelligence and his wit. His intelligence and wit were the reason that, in the end, he had a successful homecoming. His ability to out fox his foes is shown many times throughout the book. The main use of his intelligence is in the ways Odysseus is able to keep his identity a secret. Odysseus keeps his true identity hidden away from others so that he may assess his situation and protect himself. He does this with the Cyclopes so that he can save himself and his companions. Odysseus also keeps back his identity from the Phaiakians until a time when he feels he is safe in revealing his identity. Odysseus also keeps his identity a secret from nearly everyone when he finally returns to Ithaka so that he may take revenge on the suitors for all they have done. Through all of his wit and

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