Analysis Of Te Absurd

We all care about our appearance, health, sex life, family, friends, colleagues, money, and our job. Leading a human life is a full time job to which we devote a lifetime of hard work. We can never get away from our life. It doesn?t matter where we are or whom we are with. Our human life is always there. Is this absurd
We are all going to die; everything about us will be eventually gone. We study and work to earn money to pay for cell phone bills, name brand clothing, movies, food, and much more. We earn this money not only for ourselves but also for our families. When will all of this end. It is somewhat considered a journey that leads no where. My life to me is more than a journey it is a privilege. To me it is all worth it. I know that I am going to die one day, so I figure, why not make the best of every day that I have left. If we constantly worry about absurdity, our life will pass us by. We only get one chance,

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