Office Space
Alienation occurs when technology and inventions separate society from certain aspects of life. Examples include separation from family, community, and co-workers. Separation also occurs in oneself or from a product an employee of a company has little impact on. The movie ?Office Space? portrays many examples of alienation.
During the first scene in the movie, the characters are stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work. Each of the cars in the traffic jam only has one person in them. The automobile has become essential to our society. Almost all households have at least one vehicle. Other means of transportation, such as trains, buses or walking from place to place are utilized less. The social interaction and communication exchange associated with these modes of travel has also diminished, therefore creating a separation between the individual and the community.
The movie illustrates an individual?s separation from the company?s product in the meeting between the two Bobs and the main character Jerry. Jerry outlines his contributions to his employer, and the fact he only works hard enough to satisfy his

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