Descartes was a French mathematician and philosopher. It was Descartes who formulated the adage, Cogito ergo sum, “I think therefore I exist.” Also, something that really sticks with me is his reasoning in lui of Copernican theory- Descartes also said that knowledge cannot be based on perception (our senses, etc) alone.

Descartes was a product of the church and his philosophy reflected the times in which he lived. Descartes was a dualist believing a man was of two natures, a spiritual nature and a temporal nature. Now whether this was a belief held deeply, might be a matter of some question. What is clear is that he would have professed his beliefs, such, that, they were in keeping with the doctrine of the time, as spread by the all powerful church. As a dualist, Descartes, would have accepted that there exists a priori truth (truths not derived from experience; truths such as the existence of God). And, while Descartes accepted some ideas were developed from experience, he was firm in his belief that certain ideas were innate. By pure deduction Descartes evolved for himself entire universes that neither he, nor anyone else,

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