Birth Order and its Effects

older and Wiser:
oldest children in birth order

People in the birth order of oldest children are probably among the most over-

studied sibling groups in the world. Researchers have shown great interest in oldest

children for many years, and there is general agreement among them about the

characteristics that are commom to most oldest children.

“From ancient times, the oldest child has had a special significance in the family –

and in the world. This special significance has meant everything from inheriting the

kingdom to being offered as a sacrifice in religious rites, which is a good metaphor for the

mixed blessings of the oldest” (Richardson 44). “The oldest child- the first child- is like a

first love. The relationship between the first child and parents can never be duplicated. It

is a replete with the awe and wonder of having brought into the world this little being, the

focus of the parents dreams and hopes” (Sulloway 55). “Even if later children become

more favored by the parents, the relationship is usually not as intense as

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