Is There A Moral Obligation To The Law

The idea that there is a moral obligation to the law has been an idea that?s been misinterpreted. The only reason why we feel as if this is true is because since we morally interpret the law, then we feel we should naturally have a moral obligation to obey it. If we didn?t have that moral obligation then we would, as some would think, betray ourselves and the very people to whom we entrusted to bring about peace in our everyday lives. But who?s to say that those people are to be trusted in formulating The Law, no one can say. How are we to know that those people are capable of producing a set of laws that we can morally obey and feel comfortable doing so.
Laws have been fought against since the beginning of time, for example: as abolitionists aided runaway slaves before the American Civil War. Slavery was very much accepted back in those days, but if you aided a runaway slave then you were to serve the consequences of the law. Now can you sit there and tell me that it was morally wrong to do this and to morally

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