Interview With Clergymen

For my report I interviewed Father Charles, a priest at my local church. My assignment was to find out about the priest?s views on sexuality. After interviewing the priest and asking a variety of questions regarding sexuality, I found that his answers were often contradicting to traditional views. Many times the Father?s views differed from those of the Catholic Church. The subjects of my questioning ranged from same sex relationships to use of birth control.
Although the Catholic Church has openly taken its stance against homosexuality and same sex marriages, Father Charles seemed to take a more liberal view on the topic. When asked about the topic, he made it perfectly clear that he, in no way, condones or advocates these types of relationships. The Father did however say that he is able to empathize with homosexuals because his brother is openly a homosexual. The father said that he realizes that homosexuality is not a choice but rather that being a homosexual is something you are born to be. He also feels that although homosexuality is a sin, like all other sins committed, god will forgive those people.
Another part of the conversation was

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