Jack Danielsh

Jack Daniel?s is a type of whiskey which contains alcohol, a drug that in moderate amounts can cause a euphoric feeling in the individual who consumed the drug. Large amounts, however, lead to nausea, decreased coordination, and alcohol poisoning. Daniel has consumed enough Jack Daniel?s that he has ended up with a case of alcohol poisoning (which is harmful). He has consumed the Jack Daniel?s unaware that the alcohol in it would lead to harm for him.
The folk psychological explanation for Daniel drinking the Jack Daniel?s is that he believed that by drinking a lot of Jack Daniel?s he would achieve something achieve something that he desired. The result of drinking that much whiskey is alcohol poisoning which is harmful. Socrates? argument is that Daniel did not do this to intentionally harm himself. He claims that if Daniel knew that drinking the Jack Daniel?s would lead to alcohol poisoning, that would mean that Daniel desired to be harmed. Nobody desires to be harmed because harm means to be miserable and unhappy and nobody desires to be unhappy. Socrates argues that Daniel falsely believed that by drinking excessively he would achieve happiness.

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