Intro To Religion

Religions of the world have been studied more frequently in recent times. Many people want to learn and study about where there, and others religions started and where developed from, many study prehistoric religion. Religion is formed by many things, background, beliefs, myths, and rituals. Many standard religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are solely based on the things, and have one goal, to follow the path of god, or their higher sprit.

It is believed that religion started in prehistoric times. Neanderthals were found as the first to bury there dead and provided them with tool, weapons, and food. They may have believed in an after life, or spiritual world in which to supply these things. It is not know whether it was a offering to the gods, or to protect the spirit or sole in the after life. Cro-Magnon like the Neanderthals also buried there dead and provided the corpse with weapons, tools, and food. Cro-Magnon also buried there dead curled in the fetal position, in hope of a rebirth in the afterlife. It was also believed that before a hunt, a priest or magicians would predict the turn out

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