This book of the Bible is about Job, a God fearing man who was righteous and wealthy. Job was born in Uz and was blameless and upright. He has seven sons and three daughters and had many sheep, oxen, and camels. He was the wealthiest and greatest man in the entire East.
One day Satan wanted to test Job to see how faithful he was, so God agreed and told Satan he may not lay a finger on Job himself. One day while Job was at his house, a messenger came and told him that many of his servants had been killed and thieves carried off his oxen and donkeys. Then another came and informed him that his sheep and servants were burned in a fire from the sky and his camels were swept off by raiders. Then the last messenger came and told him that while his sons and daughters were feasting a mighty wind came upon the house and it crashed upon them. Nevertheless, Job, being a God serving man, tore his robe and proclaimed ?Naked I came from my mother?s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord taken away, may the name

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