Pulp Fiction And Its Religious Thought

Pulp Fiction
and Religious Thought

?Pulp Fiction? has become the ?Citizen Kane? of this generation. It has inspired thought and questioned movie-making logic, as we had previously known it. Quentin Tarantino wrote and directed this film, which has been a cult classic since its conception in 1995. Many people will tell you what makes Pulp Fiction amazing is it attention to
detail, while others might say it is the way the story?s explained.
Quentin Tarantino put in every detail that someone
coming out of his movie might question, but it is this
detail that leaves those questioning. The movie starts with a bang as you find yourself in a restaurant with a lovely couple as they talk you find out they are not that lovely. The next thing you know they are using many different curse words and are robbing the restaurant that they were eating at. This starts the movie, but later you realize this ends the movie, but in the

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