Religion is seemingly everywhere on the campus of Fordham University, a private Jesuit institution right in the heart of the Bronx. From afar, the campus appears to be a large church community with towering stone towers, cathedral style architecture, and the loud ringing of the church bell, but it is also the home and classroom to Fordham University students. The dominant religion practiced is the Catholic and Jesuit tradition here on campus. However, there is a melting pot of different faiths waiting to be explored outside of Fordham Road. In considering the vast array of practices in the neighboring towns and states, I have explored an alternate faith not far from my life at all. Buddhism captured my interest immediately for the sole reason that my best friend, the friend I have known the longest, is a practicing Buddhist and I have no inkling of knowledge pertaining to the practice of his religion. Confessing my ignorance to him, I pleaded to be brought along to his temple and so my journey into another faith would begin.

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Steven Phimsipasom, my best friend and now ? Buddhist mentor?  is extremely active in attending his temple and practicing his faith

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