My God Is Better Than Your God

Your first friends as a child are the kids that live in your neighborhood. You can ride your bike or walk to their house. Their backyard is your backyard. You share everything, or so you think. My friend, Erin and I were your typical, inseparable pair of friends?after I took the oath to accept Jesus into my heart of course.
Before I was allowed to play at Erin?s house, her mother called me aside. She introduced herself, Bible in hand, and was quite friendly until her tone shifted and she asked? So what religion are you? (order your paper at
?I go to St. Lawrence?s,? I answered, more interested in the bike ride Erin and I were about to take than a theological discussion, ?I?m Catholic.?
?Well, Erin and I are Born-Again Christians. In order to play here you need to be saved and accept Jesus into your heart,? she said sternly, though unsure of how I would respond.
?But I believe in Jesus,? I assured her, ?We learn about him at catechism on Sundays.?
?Well it?s about time those Catholics teach something that comes from the Bible,? she said disgustedly under her breath, ?Go ahead and play, tomorrow

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