Tourism Targets The Baby Boomers

Tourism Targets the Baby-Boomers

Your 40+ and you?re days as a backpacking hitchhiker are behind you. However, you?re still young enough to cringe at the idea of a bus tour. All you want is a comfortable, memorable, adult experience with a tad of adventure.
This is what the baby-boomer generation is looking for in a travel experience. Eco-tourism has begun to target the baby-boomer generation. ?In general, people are looking for a more stimulating experience,? said Susan Delgado, manager of the federation?s expeditions travel program. ?They want to go away on vacation and learn something. They want to say it made a difference in them.?
Lately there has been a significant upturn in Eco- and soft-adventure tours, especially those that are targeted toward the baby-boomers. The baby-boomers that came of age in the 60?s started their travels early in

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