Under Pressure

In sociology one of the first things Ive learned, is that people are born without culture or the knowledge of whats right and wrong. Through the early years of a person life, he or she is taught or influenced by the people closes to them: parents, friends, and their community. Without the proper knowledge of whats right and wrong, people cannot be born instinctively or naturally evil. Therefore, people who commit violent acts and other crimes must be pressured by someone or something in society.
One way that people are pressured in society is by their peers. These are people whom you would normally hang out with on weekends, or go to the movies with, but in some cases these are the people who get you in the most trouble. As a teenager, I know first hand of the pressures that a kid can receive from his friends. There were many times that I heard friends asking other friends if they wanted to steal a stereo out of a car, or vandalize someones car for no apparent reason. However, these are very minor things compared to some. In one case a guy coaxed his friend into helping him beat up a

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