Women In The Media

Case Study: Women in the Media

Television is the most powerful form of media in our society. The American society is probably the most visually oriented society in the world. It is hard for one to go through a day without placing his eyes on the television at least one time (Munger 23). Many look to the television in order to catch a glimpse of what is going on outside of their world, and also as a mode for entertainment. When making different television programs, a wide variety of people are used to tell a story or sell something. A few years back, a big issue came to rise; it was over how women are portrayed in the media. Many people seem to think that women are negatively portrayed in the media, and that leads towards negative effects on how women are treated. On the other hand, some believe that women are being portrayed well in the media, and that is leading them to think better of themselves.
There are many sitcoms and dramas aired to the public on a daily basis. Many have taken note that the lead actresses for these shows are very thin. A show that has

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