Conflicts Of Homosexual Adoption

Conflicts of Homosexual Adoption
People are judged and discriminated against every day because they are different, but that does not make it correct. The only difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals are the people they are attracted to, something that cannot be changed. Our government helps point out homosexual differences by continuingly denying basic civil rights to lesbian and gay Americans, which in turn ?sends the message that their lives are less valuable than the lives of heterosexuals? (Nava, Dawidoff 148). Since the homosexual lifestyle isn?t ?Politically Correct?, the State of Florida shuns that lifestyle. With all the controversy over homosexual adoption the government uses circumstantial reasons to prevent them from succeeding.
For instance, in the case Cox vs. Florida Dep?t of Health and Rehabilitative Service, the State of Florida feels that since children are influenced by their parents and peers on issues such as divorce and inter-racial marriage, they think the children will adapt that sort of orientation. They hear negative responses to inter-racial marriage from the parents of the ?old school.? Also, children of divorced parents have formed their own opinions of how marriage should be. The State of Florida thinks that if they

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