Gender Differences

When each of us was in our mother?s womb and shortly after we were conceived we did not have anything or anyone influencing the way we acted. After birth within a couple of months, although we do not remember but we can observe, our fathers and mothers were bearing an influence on our lives. While we were growing up and still to this day our surroundings influenced the way we think and behaved in our daily lives. We know people who are different in many ways and people who are similar to us in many ways. These differences and similarities take on different characteristics some are more subtle and some are very out right noticeable. However, for each individual the differences and similarities from one person to the next are going to vary in different ways. People all have relationships and these relations are how we identify with our friends and other people. One of the most noticeable characteristics between all people is the fact that some are male and some are female. On the other hand the masculine and feminine traits in people are not nearly as noticeable even though all people show characteristics of both. The differences in

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