Media And Race

Class, race and power all play a major part in the news media, which is a large

part in everyday western life. The perpetuation of racism in Australian society is blamed

on the mainstream news media, as racist preconceptions are reflected and reinforced

through the use of racialised messages. The news media not only perpetuates racism in

society but also creates subtle notions of bias and exclusion by stereotyping certain

groups. In turn the media has the power to impose particular values and beliefs, framing

society?s experience of social reality.

In theory the news media, is a democracy, expected to nurture an informed

audience by providing balanced and impartial reporting of events and issues. However,

the news media has a much larger role in shaping the way members of a society think and

behave. One of the goals of the media should be to represent the prevailing differences of

culture, opinion and social conditions of the populations as a whole. Unfortunately this

isn?t the case in contemporary media, as the images of minority groups are depicted

negatively. Therefore, the media is important in regards to race and ethnicity because it is

the primary source of indirect or mediated experiences that reinforce

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