Media And Sentences

The definition of crime and the procedures used to deal with the accused are social and political issues. The public?s knowledge of the our criminal justice system is necessary, as their opinions play an important part of the Criminal Code revision process (Roberts & Doob, 1984). The mass media serves as the core of information for citizens of any designated country. It is therefore safe to assume that the media has a great influence over the opinions formed by their readers or listeners. The public is forced to read or listen to the opinion of a particular mass media group such as the New York Times or ABC News to keep up with current events. The public relies on the media to convey accurate and informed information but don?t anticipate the media to do so at the expense of the citizen?s knowledge. Another factor many people are not aware of is that, ?the mass media function in part as an interest group. Each component of the mass media is a business, and like other businesses, it has a direct interest in various areas of public policy? (Vago, 2003). Companies like these have great influence

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