Non-Biological Families And Their Relationships?

In Erdrichs ?Foreword,? the concept of non-biological families and their relationships are brought to light. The author is telling a story about a period in her life. She married a man who had a son with a disease. She shows us how, although she wasn?t biologically attached to the child, because of her closeness to him and the relationship she created with him, they became a true family that cared and loved each other. This love of a non-biological family is even greater than that of a normal biological family.
In Erdrichs ?Foreword,? we see the best example of how relationships within a family strengthen that family and makes then closer together. This story is so unique because she is not the child?s biological mother. She married a man who had adopted this child and in marrying him she adopted him too. Even with these obstacles, she was able to create a closeness and special bond with the child and keep their family together, with loving care.
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