Noam Chomsky

Colloquial Infections Speak Nefarious Constituent

This paper?s theory maintains it?s subservient sovereignty. It
conjectures a somniferous encounter with an adroit description:
colorless green ideas sleep furiously. Neither will people completely
understand the importance of the aforementioned ?adroit description? or
the contributions of it?s author to the field of Linguistics; but it?s
the intendment that if we focus on the thoughts and the developments the
author has given us, we will better understand not only linguistics but
learn more about how linguistics has an appurtenant relation to the
The author in question is Avram Noam Chomsky. He is an important
American linguist, social critic, and political activist. Born in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 7th 1928 to William and Elsie
Chomsky, he grew up during the Great Depression which greatly moved him
later in life.
His father was a Hebrew scholar that emigrated from Russia in 1913
to evade the possibility of being drafted by the Tsarist army. (Maher &
Groves 120) Upon arrival in the United States, William worked in
sweatshops in Baltimore, Maryland. He subsequently managed to work his
way through Johns Hopkins University supporting himself by teaching in
Baltimore Hebrew elementary schools.
After moving to Philadelphia, he and his wife began teaching at
the religious school of the Mikveh

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