No Escape From Capitalism – Alienation

Many people still believe that through hard work, they can reach any social and financial status to which they aspire. In the United States, this is commonly known as ?The American Dream.? It consists of the worker going to his job, working hard, returning to his home, and then repeating the process. This may go on for days, weeks, or years, but ultimately the worker will reach his financial goals. However, how rare is the realization of such goals, and at what price does it occur Karl Marx argues that this capitalistic view of work results in the alienation of the worker from his job, himself, and others. In Marx?s article, ?Alienated Labor,? he explains that capitalist society creates an environment in which the worker loses the special concept that makes him an individual. The worker gives himself up to the product he is working to produce, to capitalism, and consequently becomes commodified. Although we would like to think that the world has changed, capitalism has spread like a plague throughout society. Thus, the idea of alienated labor can still be used to explain how workers are treated as a result. If you haveĀ justĀ 12 hours for write essay – you can order paper at writing service online

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