Biometrics nowadays is being used in everyday life. There can be positive and negative aspects of biometrics on people. They are used as a source of verification after 9/11. After 9/11 all types of industries are being so cautious with people who is entering their firm or building. They want to be really precise with everything. People are using biometrics in different sectors. One of the sectors nowadays is in companies where people are working. Biometrics is the technology of measuring and analyzing biological data. Biometrics usually refers to technologies for measuring and analyzing human body characteristics such as fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, and hand measurements, especially for authentication purposes.
Most people think that biometrics is another word of security. Law enforcement or FBI uses biometrics to trace social welfare fraud. An iris pattern identification system is being used in Illinois to ensure that right people are released from jail. Nowadays ATM machines have been installed with finger scanners to prevent theft and fraud.
But there have been some social concerns with biometrics. Some people believe that this technology can cause harm to an individual using methods and instruments which are not clean. There have been concerns of potential harms from unclean iris scanners. There are also personal concerns which include that biometric methods might be misused, or data stolen for criminal activities. There is also the fear of biometrics using data without authorization from an individual. Another danger is that if thieves cannot gain access to any device they could assault.

Biometrics related with forensics and law enforcement makes people skeptical as capturing fingerprints or other biological patterns were only limited to criminals and anti-social elements in the past. On the other hand, people are getting aware about the strengths as well as shortcomings and risk associated with this technology.
There is a huge difference between privacy advocates and biometric technology firms. Technology firms is about the efficiency, speed and accuracy of biometrics while privacy advocates highlights its negative aspects. This phenomenon is more evident in societies across developed nations where people are more aware and concerned about their privacy. They feel that biometric technology based personal recognition violates constitutional rights of their privacy and civil liberties. On the other hand, biometrics is growingly adopted in underdeveloped world, so at the same time biometric technology is treated differently in different societies across the globe.
Biometrics have its own positive and negative ways. On one hand the use of biometrics is increasingly growing and people and companies are accepting the use of it whereas on the other hand biometrics is a new technology it does not support the old version. It is costly to have in all kind of sectors.
Positive aspects of biometrics on people:
People don’t have to wait in long lines and wait for their turn to come and goo ahead and wait for hours and hours. It is a lot easier nowadays because of biometrics. That makes people happy and it affects the society as a whole. It is also beneficial for people who are biologically and mentally challenged. It is also helpful for elderly people who cannot walk and they cannot wait for so long in lines for their identity verification. It also increases jobs. And as such biometrics is increasing in today’s world we also need professionals who can run and understand the system. It is also one of the highly paid jobs in the market. It helps eradicate unemployment and enable people to improve their social status, leaving a positive impact on society.

Negative aspects of biometrics on people:
People feel that government is watching their activities and they will lose their anonymity with biometrics. Even if people are not breaking any law, they do not like to be watched or their actions being tracked. Law enforcement and FBI can use Face biometrics to create a biometric profile out of your social media photos, which can be used in mass surveillance applications or identifying you in a crowd. As there is an increase in cybercrimes , people are afraid what if hackers steal their biometric data. Some people may feel like left-out with biometrics whose biometric characteristics have been impaired by disease, working conditions or accident, so biometrics makes a negative impact on society in this aspect.

Since the technology is increasingly growing, we have a lot of new products and technologies every year. And all technologies and products affect the people in positive and negative ways. For example, apple smartphone in recent years has greatly impacted the people and how they can communicate with the people who live thousands of miles away without leaving their bed and they feel close with them. Technology always have mixed review from the people. Same with biometrics there are mixed review form the people.