Colandra Yvette BowenGrand Canyon UniversityProfessor: Kelly, DaleNUR 513: Christian Worldview: Christianity vs. Self-Care TheoryIntroduction
A worldview is not determined simply by a single factor, value, belief or view. It can be described as a collection of beliefs a person has about his or her life and the world around. This worldview can include aspects such as a consistent decision-making process, an idea of what is right or wrong, and who or what authority do I respect and follow. This view can modify constantly by factors including experiences that a person might face, a changing environment, and different values. There are many different types of worldviews and perspectives people have about the world that help to shape who they are. In many professions it is critical to have a strong foundation and a firm worldview to help endure everyday battles and difficult situations that may arise. Nurses especially are faced with different and difficult situations almost every day of their working careers. In these situations, it is important to have a constant decision-making process and a strong belief in what is moral and ethical. I believe that my worldview as a Christian has helped me to make moral and ethical decisions in my life and has shaped my character and will continue to do so as a nurse. It is difficult for me to choose a single grand nursing theory to wrap my future practice around but being a Christian and having the belief that Christianity is based on life and teaching of Jesus as presented in Old and New Testament. I was taught that he will return to judge and everyone who believes in Him and they will be given eternal life. The spread of Christianity extends from the cities of Hellenized Roman Empire to East Africa and gradually towards the South Asia (Robert 2015). Christian’s have many moral and ethical values which are objectively expressed of an absolute moral being. As a Christian there are values that I believe, and I still hold on to, and will continue to hold onto for years to come. Some small examples include belief against abortion and I also believe that sex before marriage is immoral. Every person on this earth has a great purpose they are going to fulfill throughout their life. It took a while to know that he was calling to me to become a nurse, and every day that goes by I know this is my calling to God, to serve people that are ill. I know that being a nurse sometimes can be difficult, but I know that God has anointed me to help the sick and take care of them. It is still a mystery to all what will happen when their death day comes. As a Christian growing up, I was always taught that God will take our souls to a place called heaven, where we will have eternal and everlasting life. There have been many experiences in my life that did not along with my morals and ethic decision making. It is important to understand that people have worldviews and because of that they will act differently in a situation. In these situations, I believe that I would have acted differently than the other person doing the decision making. A family friend of mine who was married lived with both her parents at home. The husband and wife were happily married and were also bothers doctors. The sad part of this story was that the parents were both ill, the mother being terminally ill. Because of the busy lifestyles of the husband and wife, they did not have time to take of the parents nor did they have time for each other at times. They both believed that putting their parents into a nursing home was the right thing to do because they are thinking they can get the care that they need from nurses and someone will always watch the parents. I still remember till this day the look on the mother and father s face when they found out they were going to be living in a nursing home. They were scared because they did not know where they were going, and they weren’t as fluent in the English language. As a Christian I could not understand why this was happening because in the Ten Commandments it states to honor thy mother and father. The fact that the mother could not get help from their own children hurts me because they are both in the medical profession but that’s where I saw the differences in some Christians from others who utilized Dorothea Orem, theory of how people should be responsible for their care and should be self-reliant, as well as others in their family who need care. The wife needs to know that she is sending that woman that raised her and took care of her and protected her from any evil to a nursing home where she will not be happy or secure. I believed that the husband and wife needed to make time for their mother because the help that she will get from her own daughter will make her feel much better. The pain that her mother is feeling, the daughter will never understand until the daughter becomes a mother herself. Then I asked myself as I left their house is there really people in the world like this who would be cruel to their parents. I remember visiting their parents in the nursing home, and the mother was getting worse and worse each day. When I asked the nurse how she was feeling the nurse told me that she does not take any of her medication and she does not eat anything. All she does is stay in her room with her husband and talk about how she wants to die. When the nurse told me, what was going on it simply broke my heart. The nurse explained to me how she was shocked that their daughter would do this to them since they were financially stable and could give great care at home being that they were both doctors. At that point I even thought of taking the parents to my own home. I remember telling her that you need to take your medication and eat food because we do not get to choose when we die because that decision belongs to God. I remember as I was leaving her room, she pulled me and told me that her daughter has not even come to see her once this week or even check up on her and she feels she is not wanted by her daughter. To make her feel better I told her, your daughter will come soon and maybe she is busy, but she will be here soon. I wanted to make her feel better before I left the room and I wanted her to have a peaceful heart as she was laying the bed. It is sad to say that week later, her mother had passed away in the nursing home. I believe that it impacted them so much that they thought it was best to take their father home. Learning about the Self-Care Theory I believe that the daughter in this story takes up a Self-Care Theory mindset and Dorothea Orem felt the nursing role was to fill the gaps to care where the individual could not. As healthcare professionals you learn to be more proactive than reactive. In comparison, it is not the exact opposite of Christianity. However, it does not believe that there is a God that made the world. The followers of naturalism believe that the universe is governed by natural laws and that the universe only exists because of these laws. The universe gradually unfolds among itself and is interconnected with our minds and bodies. Everything that happens is an effect of the environment and is a cause of something else to happen not anything related to God. The naturalist believes that they are a result of a series of unfolding events. They believe that there is no great purpose behind my life. They may also believe that there was no special meaning or a will behind it and that everything that happens in their life is a result of a cause and effect situation (Naturalism 2013). The naturalist is in a universe that unravels itself. The universe has just developed these highly complex organisms (humans) that have the capability to have feelings of self-reflection, suffering, wonder, joy, etc.…our consciousness and feelings of choice are not intertwined with any supernatural touch (Stanley 2016).
ConclusionThrough the comparison of the two worldviews I have come to an understanding that our actions and decisions help to tell us as who we are as a person. In the nursing career there will be many times when a person is faced with difficulties in different areas not limited too but including patient care and with co-workers. During these difficult times in our lives it is important to let God in our lives and let his handle the situation instead of worrying. After writing and brainstorming for the paper, I have come to a stronger understanding that I have a very strong foundation in Christianity and a strong worldview.
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