Communication is one of the important steps in the work place. A good relation of worker, information, education and communication, results in a high standard of service. Listening and body language of others helps me to understand better, in some situations. As a senior support worker, it is important when I have a conversation with a member of staff to not use abuse of power. I must not be competing or believe that my opinion or my idea is the perfect one. Communication means changing information for the best results. In some situations, staffs interpret a senior’s duty controls the staff too much. End of each day I have to make sure all documents are updated. Incidents or accidents have full details and clear explanation, residents and staffs are safe. Working with support workers and having good communication during the shift is relevant. In some situations I have to involve management before the problem becomes critical. It is very important to observe and pay attention to details at work. If I have to caution someone it must be done in confidence, one-on-one, or sometimes openly. Always I am confident and discuss the situation with my staff. Misunderstanding and misinterpretation can make big tension between staff. In many situations I have to take hard decisions and spend important time to find the right resolution. All problems must be resolved to eliminate the barrier of communication between staff.