Communication is very important for children and young people. Children will always respond to positive communication and relationships from adults. They also have an impact from adult in the way where they behave towards others, respect, behave, eye contact, speak nicely and using good manners. Communication with children and young people differs across their age, language, development, speech and stages.
As a TA we should build a good relation with the children, as we are the lead of them. In the school children spend most of the time with us, so it must be a good environment and the place where they learn lots of the principles and rules. They will understand day by day how to follow. Also, we have to have a good link with their parents, report and discuss every issue, help their child through reading and writing, show the parents what their child have done or achieve. It’s important for children to have positive relationships during transition, as children need to feel secure and get someone to look after them. Children need to talk very confident and feel very comfortable. As a TA I’m very passion for teaching and sometimes I can see some children have some problem or struggling in their homework. I have spoken to my teacher and I offer to help them as they are very well in the class. So, I have found they haven’t got someone to read with them as their parents are not speak English it’s their second language.
As a TA I always have to show respect, taking image to listen to other. Also, use nice words, face expression, eye contact and respect consideration towards others age and use language.