Daron Tardy
Dr. Yordy
REL-180: Film Assignment
24 April 2018
Film Assignment: Whale Rider
The film Whale Rider, takes place in New Zealand and tells the story of the Maori village’s trouble in finding a younger individual to pass the chiefhood on to. Therefore, that sets up the main plot that carries you through the movie because, the primary conflict is that the future chief in line traditionally a male. However, at the beginning of the movie twins are born and the baby boy dies along with its mom, leaving a baby girl, soon to be named, Paikea, fighting to become the next chief. Nevertheless, her grandfather, Koro, who is very traditional when it comes to their culture becomes an antagonist for Paikea and hinders her efforts to be chief. Although, there is a lot of negativity thrown towards the young girl, we see that she perseveres, and doesn’t let it stop her from fulfilling her destiny. The whales and nature itself allow us to gain an insight into what it means to be a part of the Maori culture, and we see how it can test the faith of those within the village, and their relationships with one another.

Like many other religions, a divine figurehead is in harmony with a godly being. Throughout the movie, Pai and her grandfather, exemplify what can perceived as a form of unity with their ancestor and other spiritual beings. On many occasions we see them, taking time to themselves to