Do you have a disability or dysfunction inside your body? Read an inspiring

anecdote about a famous celebrity with not only ALS, but also with a Motor Neuron

disease, BUT, still surviving to this present-day. With a speech device that is an

advancement in technology. Or an outbreak in cosmos that no one has done before.

Maybe, be as smart as the good old fashion, Albert Einstein. These are achievements

That Stephen Hawking has completed, even with these many ailments.

Stephen Hawking’s speech device is truly a piece of finest art. Stephen Hawking

has a Motor Neuron disease, a disability that makes you have a big disadvantage in

speaking skills, that makes him not talk at all. Secondly, Stephen Hawking collaborated

with Intel, this meaning that his creation was very well produced, and that meant no

joking around. Lastly, his invention has sensors on his cheek that allows him to

talk. His speech device was not only a great creation, but also a crazy invention.

Stephen Hawking’s black hole discoveries were truly an outbreak in the cosmos.

His first discovery was when he discovered that black holes only increase in size.

His second uncovery was when he said black holes will never divide, yet some collide.

Finally, his last discovery revealed that a black hole’s mass depended on its size.

Stephen Hawking had made a humongous impact on NASA (National Aeronautics and

Space Administration) when it came to space.

Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest elders in existence, due to the fact,

having the equivalent IQ as Albert Einstein. Also, his intelligence led him to the

University of Oxford (1959-1962) and Trinity Hall, Cambridge (1962-1966). Next, he

made black hole discovery “possible”, having a nickname like that in NASA must mean

you must be an important. To finish off, his device was an object no one has invented

before. These are reasons are why Stephen Hawking is like Albert Einstein.

These are all the reasons why Stephen Hawking is one of the most intelligent

seniors to exist. With the fact that he has a device who can talk for him. Make black

hole discoveries. Also be as smart as Albert Einstein. Stephen Hawking is truly a

gift and a surprise to humanity.