Ernest Hemingway is known as the most influential writer in the twentieth century American literature. His impressive figures were generated relating to his real connections with real people with real settings. He skillful applies various literary tools such as symbols, imaginaries as well as symbolism theory to enhance the various meaning of his stories which is obviously shown in Cat in the Rain that was first published in 1925 in the short story collection In Our Time.
By employing various literary devices in this short story, Ernest Hemingway offered an artistic value of the content which makes readers understand the content at different levels and open implications after completing reading. Cat in the Rain is an outstanding sample of the author’s writing style from which readers first recognize the true connection between the couple; then draw prediction based on historical and social impact and explore the cause of characters’ actions in the story. The target of this study is to explode the images used as part of the short story and to decode these symbols as well as describe the different interpretations that they stand for.