Even though the settlers were far from their home country most felt loyalty to Britain. However, that changed as Britain tried to prevent them from thriving. Because of the British Parliament’s taxation of the colonies, the increasing British military measures imposed on them and the legacy of colonial and political ideas a Revolutionary War was bound to happen.
One of the most important issues that caused Americans to rebel in 1776 was Parliamentary taxation. The King and parliament decided to tax the American colonies because they were in debt after the French and Indian War. The colonist was angry and did not like that they had no representation in parliament and that they were being taxed by someone that was not even in the colonies. Therefore, they decided to not pay their taxes which started the phrase “Taxation without representation”. The worst of these taxes and a major reason for the revolution was the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act and the Townsend Duties. The Sugar Act of 1764 raised taxes on sugar and molasses trying to eliminate French and Spanish trade. The Stamp Act of 1765 was a tax on anything printed such as legal documents newspapers, etc. This was the first act to unite all the colonies to rebel. The Townsend Duties of 1776 were taxes on lead, paper, paint and tea. These lead to rebellions such as the Boston Tea Party.

British military measures also angered the colonist. Colonist in Boston harassed the custom commissioners to the point that British troops were placed in the city. This enraged the colonist to the point a mob of dockworkers in 1770 began throwing rocks at the guards and in the confusion the guards killed “innocent citizens”. This was known as the Boston Massacre and the colonist felt it showed that the British brutality and oppression.

The Quebec Act was passed by Parliament because the British were worried about that the French Catholics in Quebec would rebel against the Protestant Britain. The Quebec Act guaranteed the French their Catholic religion and they were able to maintain their old customs and institutions, which did not include trial by jury in civil cases or a representative assembly. The colonies were also upset because the boundaries of Quebec extended into what is now Ohio. They were afraid that the Catholic religion would spread into the colonies.
After looking further into the Parliamentary taxes, the British military measures and the legacy of colonial religious and political ideas, I feel the Parliamentary taxation is what started the Revolution and was the reason for the military measures and Acts that were created for religious and political purpose. The Parliamentary tax angered the colonists and the more they rebelled the more the British tried to gain control which caused them to rebel even more and fight for their independence. Even though they went through some very rough times it eventually led to their independence and to the country we have today.