Generally, undertaking a Ph.D implies that one is undertaking a course of study that will result in additional knowledge and skills. Presently I work as a lecturer in a polytechnic where I teach accounting and management students some aspects of law relating to their discipline. I do not teach law students presently but my career plan is to complete a Ph.D. and transfer my services from the polytechnic to a faculty of law in any university in Nigeria where I will be able to teach law students, lawyers and young academics
I want to be one of the best top law professors in the field of cybercrime law in Nigeria. In order to attain this feat, I must improve my skills and enrich my knowledge by obtaining a Ph.D in the field of cybercrime law. One of the benefits of a Ph.D is that it develops individual’s critical and analytical aptitude into valuable professional trait. Besides many law faculties of universities in Nigeria will prefer the services of a Ph.D holder as faculty member rather than someone with LLM, therefore obtaining a Ph.D is a significant step in rising along my career stairs