hen Eddie was at the hut, he was looking around. He heard some unfamiliar sound. He thought that he saw a small figure running inside a flaming hut. After looking around, he found that it was a child-size figure. He tries to go into the hut to rescue the victim. Then Eddie got a shotfrom the captain because he was getting in a danger. So, the Captain shot Eddie to save him from losing his life. He promises that no man is going to be left behind. When Eddie noticed who shot him, he gets angry and beats off the Captain. He went through a bunch of suffering and pain. He get injured in his leg and that won’t made hem to run or dance anymore. This war time made Eddie to feel like as a result of a soldier’s disability to fight on. The Captain died by stepping on a Landmine while checking to include if there was a clear path ahead for his men. Eddie learns his second lesson here, which is sacrifice is a part of life, that it would happen to anyone and it isnot something that we should retreat.