I kept thinking that I needed to improve my English for her to better understand and interpret my actions. I thought of the language barrier that could break verbal communication. Castledine (2002, p.923) mentions that the language barrier arises when individuals come from different social backgrounds or use slang or colloquial phrases in conversation. Luckily, when dealing with Mrs R. the gestures and facial expressions used helped her to understand that, I was offering her assistance. The eye contact I maintained helped show my willingness to help her; it gave her reassurance and encouraged her to place her confidence in me. This is supported by Caris-Verhallen et al (1999) who mention that direct eye contact expresses a sense of interest in the other person and provides another form of communication. In my dealings with Mrs R., I tried to communicate in the best and appropriate way possible to make her feel comfortable; as a result, she placed her trust in me and was more co-operative.