In the article written by Alexandra Sifferlin, consuming too much energy drink have a potential serious side effects, including high blood pressure, hyperactivity and more. During the surveyed of Pediatric Energy care, between ages 12 and 18 consume energy drink. 78% experienced headaches, 47% experienced anger and 22% experienced difficulty breathing. Consuming too much energy drink could lead into: cardiac arrest, liver problem and behaviour changes. To begin with, energy drink are extremely bad for teenagers because the main ingredient of energy drinks is caffeine. A large quantities of caffeine should not be in your energy drink. Caffeine has metabolic effects into the body such as it stimulate nervous system, it affects the kidneys and increases the risk of having heart disease. “The 20 ounce drinks have about 70 grams of sugar and 115 milligrams of caffeine” (Drinking companies). In addition too much caffeine is really bad for us especially when we consume it everyday. Secondly drinking alcohol with energy drink is bad combination, it can cause heart palpitation, anxiety, inflamed liver and can developed short and long term health problem. “Energy drink mask the depressant effects of alcohol”(Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Furthermore mixing the two beverages can be bad for your health. Lastly teenagers can consume energy drink with moderation because without self discipline on consuming too much energy drink could lead to