In the study conducted by Cabahug and Ladot (2005), there were 941 students in four school years excluding transferees and those who withdrew from Math 11 and Math 17 were the subjects of the study. The dependent variable was the students’ performance in Math 11 or Math 17 measured by a dichotomous criterion of “pass” or “fail”. The researchers stated that the UPCAT mathematics ability, University predicted grade, attitude towards the subject, degree program and type of high school the students graduated from are the factors of success and failure of students. The results of the study showed that the students who took up Math 11 and Math 17 got a passing rate of 73.3% and 73.2% respectively. The highest failure rate is 36% for math 11 and 31.2% for math 17. The researchers stated that these results showed that the training of the incoming freshmen is deficient.