My childhood has released a desire to assist people who are unable to aid themselves, this has flourished into a specific interest in healthcare: Child Nursing. This has largely grown on me by watching my disabled brother go through many hardships, he is my biggest inspiration. I believe that Child Nursing is suitable for me because I am very enthusiastic about supporting those in need for medical care, and I am prepared to display all the skills I have learnt, in order to enable me to become a child nurse practitioner.

My chosen subjects at A Level have contributed to my development, by being able to think critically and paying attention to detail. The subjects that I have chosen to study compliment what I aspire to be in the future and I will be able to apply these skills in this course. Psychology allows me to study human behaviour, performance and mental operations, as well as understanding events and treatment options for mental health issues. Bowlby’s theory of maternal deprivation has been the most intriguing aspect, as it displays how maternally deprived children could suffer delayed intellectual development and could affect their emotional development. I am aware that Psychology seeks to change behaviour and enhance well-being and quality of life, which links very closely with what nurses do. Sociology prepares an individual to appreciate diversity, gain knowledge based on human behaviour, social change and culture. It is a prominent subject for disclosing how society works, making us aware of the various conditions that individuals within society experience, which has allowed me to think analytically and strengthen my ability to create strong arguments both verbally and in written communication. Studying English literature has widened my perspective of society, making intellectual arguments, and putting forward cogent opinions maturely, through augmenting my analytical skills, my comprehension of literary terminology and awareness of cultural and social contexts. This will help fortify vital skills that I can apply in the course and the capacity for independent thought.

I was given the opportunity to participate in my secondary school’s programme ‘Toe-By-Toe’, allowing experienced students to help younger children who have learning difficulties with their phonics. This has enabled me to gain patience as it consumes substantial time to see these students develop their skills. I have contributed to open evenings, answering their queries, which has developed my interpersonal skills as it requires talking to people I have never met, which makes me an ideal candidate for a career in child nursing. I volunteered to teach children Maths and English in my community, which has enabled these students to improve remarkably in the topic they found most difficult. This demonstrates my ability in communicating well with people which prove useful when having to converse with patients and their carers in the course.

Reading books has been something I enjoy doing along with watching documentaries, which supplements my knowledge on the world, exposing me to new ways to handle situations and solve them, offering me a new perspective and developing my innovative mindset.

In the near future, I will endeavour to reach my end goal. My skills, alongside my determination and eagerness to provide support to others, would aid me in being successful as a child nurse practitioner.

I am a vigorous, goal-oriented individual, who looks forward to all the academic challenges of university. I am conscious of the requirements of this course and my voluntary work show my aptness for the Child Nursing programme.