New media as explained in the textbook is the (technologies, practices and institutions
designed to encourage public participation in information creation, production and exchange by
means of either increased access or through interactivity (Gasher et al, pg. 16). The emergence
of new media has challenged older ideas about media, the audience and communications of
policy in many different ways and as a result, both advantages and disadvantages came after that
Starting with the advantages, there were so many significant improvements in the
technology and our world of communication. Accessing media has helped people
not only satisfy their own needs but also for educational purposes. Music is increasingly
marketed and distributed online in the form of MP3 technology (Gasher et al, pg.16). Television
is the new form of technology that allows large, established companies to manufacture brand
name goods as it serves the interest of audiences by allowing diversion and a bit of education for
people during their leisure time (Gasher et al, 20) . In the past photos were taken on film
and circulated to a hard copy, videos were recorded on tape and music was distributed on vinyl
records or tape but now these technologies are much easier and faster to finish because the
recordings can now be turned into the binary language of 1s and 0s and read via the internet on
computers (Gasher et al, pg. 16). For the electronic media, the communication is much easier
nowadays between any points on the globe as proved by McLuhan who introduced the idea of

the global village and also his notion to the electronic society. (Gasher et al,pg16 and 49) .
Today, smart phones are light weight and allows users to not only carry on conversations but
take photographs, surf the internet, play music, exchange text messages, map their locations and
a host of other possibilities ( Gasher et al, pg. 20) as everything could be accessed from a
smartphone. Through media nowadays, we can take political positions, develop a sense of
national pride, explore gender issues, take a position on the world, etc( Gasher et al, pg. 40). In
terms of media and entertainment, it has a major impact on most people not only in one country
but globally. For instance, facebook reached over 750 million active users worldwide in 2011
and now we are in 2015 which shows how much people are affected by this site. Even
organizations use it to connect with it customers, online stores post their products and order the
most liked posts, as even charities and fundraisers could be organized on facebook and
it actually works in most cases. new media has changed the way people connect
from reading daily newspapers in their hands or watching shows from the
television to easier movable electronic devices like the apple devices and other
related electronic devices. Online stores/websites has a huge impact on people
nowadays not only because its cheaper but because you can get more things
easily and from a very wide collection and that is all from a screen. The good thing
about online stores is even payments could be done even for shipping payments
as well. Its also about downloading movies, songs , and even paying a ticket
online, paying for a hotel and many other things online websites and stores could
help a person get in less than expected.
In addition to numerous other website chat lines and other social media like YouTube,
MySpace, linkedln and Skype (Gasher et al,5). Skype is the best easy way to stay in touch with
anyone around the world as all services are available from webcam, chatting, sending pictures/
videos and even sharing screen so you both would watch the same thing which could appear as if