Professor John Cullen, Chair of the Committee of accounting and finance stated that studying accountancy and finance in the UK universities is a great opportunity as they are recognised for having an international excellence in both teaching and research. On top of that, the UK hosts strong accounting and finance professional bodies, which lead the world in terms of the development of accounting standards.
I have always enjoy subjects which focus on numbers and mathematics. In addition to my studies, I participated in an International Kangaroo Math Competition Malaysia secretariat for two consecutive years and obtained the honorable mention. This tested my mathematical skills and passion towards numbers. It motivates me to learn more and I had grown fond of accounting and finance since it is also involve numbers. Furthermore, I have gained experience and valuable skills from branching out into other fields in my secondary school and college. For instance, I studied Biology and Chemistry that encourage a patient, logical approach to problem-solving and production of a valid conclusion. Moreover, my proficiency in English language will be handy for my future studies in UK universities and will assist me in the increasingly international field of global finance.
Working part-time at a fast-food joint as a cashier for a few months taught me how to handle money and hone my communication skills. I understand that an accountant must have great interpersonal skills as it is the key in developing successful relationships with clients. Being an employee at a fast food restaurant requires me to multitask such as taking orders while preparing them alongside being in charge of money transactions. This also proves that I am capable of working under pressure and that I easily adapt in unpredictable working environments.
In order to be an excellent accountant, one has to be devoted and make great efforts. To start with, I was a member of the fundraising team in my college’s community service project, which was a difficult responsibility to shoulder. From the experience of working in a group, it enhanced my creativity and critical thinking skills by creating new ideas in pursuit of achieving our goals. We did various charity campaigns to raise funds for Acheh that needs full commitment from each member and we succeeded in collecting approximately RM50,000.00 for this fund. A better cooperation and tolerance towards others was developed over time. As a student, I managed to juggle my studies with co-curricular activities as I organised my time wisely. Therefore, I get to partake in many activities and play sports in my spare time. Due to my interest in outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing, I joined the college nature and adventure club because subsequently, constant exercise is crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind, and relieves stress that results to a better focus when performing tasks.