Stress affects people in multitudinous ways; it affects our health, our mood and the way we think. The principal definition recommends that pressure comes about because of weight, the more prominent the weight the more probable that the beneficiary, regardless of whether a person or a heap bearing shaft will surrender (Butler, 1993). Also in 1996, Levi in his examination presumed that stress is caused by a huge number of requests (stressors, for example, a deficient fit between what we require and what we are prepared to do, and what our condition offers and what it requests of us. As a matter of fact, many people think that there are only negative aspects of stress; however, there are some positives. A stress according to Oxford Dictionary is “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances” (Oxford dictionary, 2018). This essay discusses the ways stress can affect our help and the positive aspects of health by providing examples to support the argument.

Generally speaking, one of the way that stress can affect our health is because it causes symptoms such as headaches, muscle pains or even problems sleeping. Stress is viewed as a standout among the most broadly perceived triggers for cerebral agonies – strain headaches, as well as (Winner, 2014). This means that the person will be in constant pain and will not be able to carry out their everyday activities properly as they may be feeling weak from the pain and not getting enough sleep. These problems could slowly lead to other problems such as fatigue or high blood pressure. Moreover, there are other way that stress may affect our health is by affecting our mood. Stress can cause us to feel anxious, overwhelmed or even depressed. This is a negative aspect as to overcome these symptoms, people may start eating a lot for comfort which can prompt heftiness and other medical issues, for example, elevated cholesterol or even heart problems. Also, according to Winner (2014) excess fat in the paunch seems to pose more critical prosperity perils than fat on the legs or hips – and tragically, that is precisely where people with high weight seem to store it. Stress causes more raised measures of the hormone cortisol, says Winner (2014), and that seems to grow the measure of fat that is spared in the stomach. People may also harm themselves to cope with everything and they may even end up taking their own life.
On the other hand, stress can influence our health is by affecting our behavior. This can cause tobacco use, drug or alcohol use, problems with socializing and angry outbursts. At that point in 1998, Roger Crowley depicted worry as a pre-occupation with the negative feeling following the occasion. People may get addicted to the drugs or tobacco if they do it for a long period of time and they will increase the chances of getting cancer. Also, alcohol use could damage their health as well as it will attack the liver, causing harm to their body. Furthermore, as Winner (2014) says it is most likely nothing sudden that relentless weight is related with higher rates of wretchedness and anxiety. One investigation generally examinations found that people who had weight related to their businesses – like asking for work with few prizes – had a 80% higher risk of making wretchedness inside two or three years than people with cut down weight (Winner, 2014). Also, stress causes people to be fatigue this is due to lack of sleep. Sleeping patterns can change which then would affect how they perform in their everyday lives. It can cause social impacts, if an individual is stressed it can cause other people around them including family members or friends to also be stressed.
According to Koslowsky (1998) stress it can be enervating, persuading and challenge delivering. Otherwise, one positive aspects of stress are that stress could motivate people. For example, when teenagers are taking their exams, they will be stressed about the outcome of their results and they will push themselves through the stress to rectify the problem, and then try to find a way to fix the problems they have with the way they learn. Which it helps boost brainpower low-level stressors sustain the age of cerebrum chemicals called neurotrophins, and strengthen the relationship between neurons in the psyche. Surely, this may be the fundamental part by which work out (a physical stressor) helps bolster productivity and core interest, Dr. Shelton says (2014). A neurotrophins according to Oxford Dictionary are “a family of proteins that induce the survival, development, and function of neurons. Neurotrophic action; especially the promotion of neuronal growth or survival” (Oxford dictionary, 2018). Also, positive effects area unit useful for structure productivity and employee’s physical and mental state. Physiologically, the body has clearly distinctive ways that of responding to an agent (Koslowsky, 1998).

Furthermore, there are another positive aspect of stress is that it could be physically enhancing. According to Dr. Shelton making sense of how to oversee upsetting conditions can make future ones less complex to direct, as demonstrated by a far-reaching gathering of research on the investigation of quality. It is the thought behind Navy SEAL preparing, Dr. Shelton (2014) says—although you can absolutely profit by less extraordinary encounters, too. Repeated prologue to offensive events permits to make both a physical and mental sentiment control, so when they are in truly fight they do not just shut down, he says (2014). When people are stressed, a lot of adrenaline is released which speeds up your heart rate and metabolism; this can then help to increase your reactions and reflexes. Also, the release of adrenaline can help to fight against the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. An adrenaline according to Cambridge Dictionary is “a hormone (= chemical substance) produced by the body when a person is frightened, angry, or excited, which makes the heart beat faster and prepares the body to react to danger” (Cambridge Dictionary, 2018). Also, Dr. Shelton (2014) says consider a due date: It is gazing you in the face, and it will fortify your conduct to truly deal with the circumstance adequately, quickly, and even more beneficially.
On the whole, stress affects us in a variety of ways, positively and negatively therefore in person, I see that stress are often terribly helpful if used moderately. Some may say that stress can push us to be the best we can whereas others may say that stress can lead to the loss of a life. The key of stress, as Dr. Shelton (2014) says is seeing troubling conditions as a test that you can meet, instead of a stunning, unpassable reroute. Also, should knowing how to regulate stress at function or in any master and individual setting depends not simply on external conditions, however on our strategy for seeing and understanding them. Stress does not just influence us to feel horrendous inwardly, says Jay Winner, creator of Take the Stress Out of Your Life and official of the Stress Management Program for Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, Calif. It can likewise intensify pretty much any wellbeing condition you can consider (Winner, 2014). However, stress is a common part of life as everyone will be in a situation one day where they will encounter a problem and will not know what to do. Also, will not have someone to go to for advice and they will take all the weight onto their own shoulders.