The first and most influential strength that is of paramount importance to me is self-reliance. At school or at work, when being assigned for a task, I always try my best using my own resources, skills, and abilities to finish it. I do not depend for help or any assistances but insteadly use my own judgment and powers in order to tackle the difficulties. From a huge amount of workload to just small little things in the basic life, hard or easy, I always have a habit of completing projects and activities independently. As Joyce Meyer states We dont growwhenthingsareeasy,we growwhenwe face challenges. Yes life is full of challenge for those who desire to prosper in this world. And as a trait which is cultivated from my early life, self-reliance has built up my stamina to overcome daunting proplems one by one in the daily struggle of life. I am proud to place it first in my list of strengths as I think it plays a dominant role, profoundly contributing to the fulfillment of my ambitions later in life. I also consider myself to be a risk-taker. I am willing to do things that involve danger or risk which can potentially cause physical harm or financial loss in the aim to achieve my goal. My belief is that if you want something, you need to reach out for it first. To make your ambitions come true, you have to take risks. The bigger your ambition, the greater the risk. That might take time or enough work to shorten your lifespan. There was an occasion in the past that effectively demonstrates this traits of me. Not as serious as some bussiness owners put up there collateral to borrow money, my case were just mild risks. It was in my second year of university when I endured a hard time of being disoriented, the idea of climbing to Ban Co peak, which is the highestmountainon Son Tra Peninsula, sprang to my mind by chance. I thought that it would be a great opprturnity for me to change the vision, braces up my mood, reconsider and reset myself as well as a mean of recreation in the midst of despair and despondency. When taking the trip, I realized that the futher you go, the more sloping the road is. What special is my motorbike broke down in the middle of the slope. At the time, I had to made the dicision of whether to keep moving upward to the peak or coming back for safety assurance. Consequently, the desire to conquered this mountain enables me to take risks. After getting to the peak, a whole new fresh horizon opened up to me. I was engulfed in the appealing breathtaking view as a reward. This terrified yet exciting experience gave me an incomparable sense of satisfaction. Finally, precise has also been another one of my noteworthy strengths that I consider it as a part of my personal identity. It also means that I set high standards for myself and my work. In whatever Im doing, I would put my full commitment to accomplish the task cause I strongly believe that my performance is a reflection of who I am. For example, I used to work in a translation group as a part-time job, beside getting all my work done on time without being side tracked, I always ensure that my stranslation documents are as much accurate as possible in both contents and text formatting. To be specific, I use tabs rather than use spaces to align text, do not allow errors in wording by carefully checking from cover to cover , avoid possible common mistakes like forgetting to include a running head or page number, using not approriate word size or font and so forth. My employer had always been very satisfied with the quality and quantity of my work. And as an old say, Every coin has two sides . Me for no exception, I also do have some weaknesses. Honestly, it is much easier for me to say what my weaknesses are than my strengths. Talking about weakness, I have always troubled in dealing with time management and being able to balance all of the activities in the midst of heavy workload. Unlike those multitasking who can do just about anything simultaneously, I am more likely a type of doing best in just one thing only as I am not good at switching my concentration between tasks swiftly smoothly. if I am handling multiple tasks at the same time, probably at least one of them would have screwed up which is attributable to the lack of time manipulation. I think that the fine art of time management is a good virtue that takes a lot of time and efforts to acquire . If possed it well, I could come closer to be an efficient individual. Lastly, a weakness that had me struggle in my daily life is stubbornness. There are times that I get confused between being stubborn and being persistent. As Henry Ward Beecher said,The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is, that one often comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong wont. While the difference between the two sides is clearly polarise on paper, it can be quite difficult for me to tell whether the genuine desire to achieve my goal and to do it at all costs without deviating from the ordinary path comes from a strong will or from a strong wont. Are they two fundamentally different concepts Can they cross each other and interweave Often, the line between stubbornness and persistency is very thin and they can hardly be distinguished . There was a time when me and my family had a tense debate about studying abroad. They argued that the outcomes of taking a new education beyond the boundary is higher than the incomes, meanwhile I was at the position of not wanting to give up before Id achieved what I set out to. As mentioned above, I am the one who dare to take risks. I am aware that my actions could bring me to miserable disappointments, i am so self-conscious that I may be wrong as a stubborn indicate but I just keep doing it anyway. It could be harmful in some certain cases though.