The New Dunkin Donuts District Manager
As the newly appointed district manager, my mission is to share and broaden my experience by putting together five different teams for the five new locations I will be responsible for. It is my duty to serve our communities, guests, employees, and franchises with hard work and dedication. “Dunkin Brands offers a comprehensive series of award-winning training programs for crew members, managers and franchisees designed to foster deep connections to our brands’ heritage and improve the guest experience and business results at the restaurant level” (Dunkin Brands, 2014). My job is to promote Dunkin’ Brands core values into the institution structure of each new location. The basis of this report is to explain and pinpoint how job design, organizational design, recruiting and selecting, training personnel and performance appraisals are the key factors in establishing successful establishments.
Job Design
Through job design I plan to reduce job unhappiness and team member isolation. Most organizations strive to increase output levels, fulfillment and encouragement of employees through job design. The three standard approaches to job design are job analysis, job description, and job specification (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). Job analysis is a process that takes place right after identifying the position and position building in an organization table. Job descriptions are publicly displayed by the company, which allows applicants and interested parties to review a clear and thorough formal task list. Formal job descriptions will include a level of responsibility, expected outcome, including reporting line and other interactions. Job specifications “identify the eligibility requirements or qualifications needed to perform a job” (Baack, et al., 2014, Ch.4.4).