The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest empires and was long lasting in history. The Ottoman Empire was located along Africa,Europe,and Asia more specifically modern Middle East .The Ottoman Empire replaced the Byzantine Empire after conquering it.It rename the capital of Constantinople to Istanbul.The empire reached its height of power under Suleiman the Magnificent.In the 1500s went through a Golden Age.A Golden Age when there was advances made in education,art,medicine and technology.Suleiman the Magnificent was a autocratic ruler which they hold absolute power .The Ottoman Empire governed by religions most likely Islam since
)The society was diverse into Islam,Judaism, and Christians and were organized by the Millet System.Non-muslims communities were put into a Millet System a limited amount of power to regulate their own affairs. Also other millet system made non-muslims groups had to pay jizya tax to be able to have protection and the right to practice their religion.Each one of them were under the supervision of a leader and would directly report to Ottoman Sultan. Being in the Middle East there were many trade routes connected in Africa,Europe,and Asia.The capital,Istanbul, was one of the greatest trade center of the world