The Philippine higher educational system is distinctive in the prevalence of investments of private capital in edeucational institutions. The heavy reliance on private sector provision is considered the highest rate of privatization in the world. Approximately three quarters of students in the Philippines are enrolled in private higher educational institutions (PHEIs) (Jimenez and Sawada, 2001). As of 2002, the country has a total of a 1,380 higher education institutions, 166 (or 12.03%) are public and 1,214 (or 87.97%) are private (Biglete 2003)
Several studies point to the fact that tuition fees of private Universities in Metro Manila are much higher than those of public Universities. The annual tuition fees of these private universities are near;y half the average income of Filipino families (P123,168/ %10,154 in 1997)(The International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project)