The topic of motivation is a common topic covered in many studies, yet the message or lessons learnt has not been fully adopted in all organizations. There is a constant approach toward contingent motivators has explained by Dan Pink. In other words, a reward system based on results. According to Dan, such approaches are not effective in gaining the necessary sustained motivation towards success. While this may work for more simplistic tasks requiring a narrow focus, it is ineffective toward complex task requiring a widen focus. Like Dan Pink, I am in agreement that contingent motivators are not fitting for more complex problems. Given the ability to lead an organization, I would work towards adopting an approach similar to what Dan identifies as the new operating system for businesses, built on autonomy, mastery and purpose. The ability to achieve these levels in a team creates a strong team, built of discipline, trust, hard work and committed employees. This makes for a strong foundation. The ability to maintain the aforementioned intrinsic motivation covers a wide array of concerns leaders typically have with a team. Autonomy empowers, mastery is a results of such empowerment and purpose fulfills that innate desire that we all need fed in order to keep going day after day. In questioning the effectiveness of what many would describe as a revolutionary approach, I would advise to looks at the results from google’s 20% approach and Atlassian “fedex day” as discussed in Pink’s Ted Talk. There is no doubt that the world is evolving and the need for organizations to be agile to remain competitive is critical. Understanding what truly motivates employees is key to not making assumptions that are incorrect. Happy employees is a key ingredient to a successful organization. Personally I have never been motivated by a pay increase. The excitement one feels to see a boost in their paycheck is very short lived. What motivates me, is that sense of confidence knowing I am good at my job (mastery), as a result I am trusted to independently perform the tasks for my job (autonomy), and that my career fits into the dreams I have for myself and brings some level of happiness and peace of mind (purpose). I have worked with individuals with different nationalities, socio-economic backgroud, cultures and this is common desire I have observed. The individuals that are the happiest has successfully achieved some level of the three components of the new operating systems and the ones that are the most unhappiest tends to be further away from such achievement.