This situation is about the two airplanes almost accident but still safe. That plane is a Spicejet Boeing 737-800 from Hyderabad to Delhi (India) . It bring 186 passengers and 6 crew and another plane is Indigo Airbus A320-200 from Delhi airport to Coimbatore (India) . It also bring 93 passengers and 6 crew .The first situation is airplane Spicejet Boeing 737-800 was on final landing to runway Delhi and the second situation is airplane Indigo Airbus A320-200 ask a permission from ATC to takeoff . The ATC instructed the Indigo Airbus A320-200 to line up runway and standby to takeoff.
When the airplane was to takeoff and the same time the another plane was landing too .Unfortunately , the ATC do not see an airplane Spicejet Boeing 737-800 was landing and can not even tell to the Indigo Airbus A320-200 which is departing . Fortunately , the Spicejet Boeing 737-800 saw the another airplane want to takeoff and it try to avoid collisions . The minimum separation between airplane is 0 feet vertical and 300 feet horizontal .The Air Traffic Control make initial error because of placing the two aircraft in one time to landing and takeoff . This situation because of different extent is seen manifested in all three work areas, ATC Tower and the Pilots in Both aircraft .