Wes Moores moms care and strict successful mindset is what kept him strong throughout the time he was still in the bronx. While on the other hand wes moore the (criminal) had no father so the closest thing he had to a father was his older brother(tony)who was a bad influence on i’m simply for his rough past. wes moore’s mother loved them was oblivious to the fact that her kid were selling drugs and in the streets.
Wes moore(the writer) father past away meaning he had no father figure to learn from and so the other wes moore. I don’t feel as if moving wes moore(the writer) to military school would have change the position he was in. I do believe environment relations can shape one’s personality ,but wes moore( the writer) had interest for school was embedded in him or at least he had a good idea of what real success looked like and not sell drugs. Wes moore (the criminal) was alway trying to prove himself and didn’t care about his brothers warnings. Wes was very intelligent ,but was applying knowledge in wrong places and getting distracted with football which made him pay attention less with his academic work.